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SAN FRANCISCO: Making Products People Want

  • San Francisco, CA (map)

Keynote Speaker:
Matt Barthelemy
Global Head of UX for Fitbit

Topic: Making Products People Want

Adding features to hardware and software products is not very difficult. Adding what people appreciate as actual, sustained benefits is harder and much more valuable.

Learn how user research — done in a thoughtful, curious, and creative manner — helped Fitbit teams learn about what truly matters to people, as well as what their hopes and challenges are. Starting with open-ended research, Fitbit develops important insights that guide its designs, finding the opportunities to help people achieve their goals through the solutions they conceive and create.

In this session, Fitbit's Global Head of UX will share how such insights guided the design of their best-selling product to date, with new experiences like female health-tracking, all in service of their goals to help people be healthier and to actually improve their lives through sustained behavior change.

Speaker Bio:

For over 20 years, Matt has been making new products and new technologies accessible, attractive, and effective for people. From virtual reality and medical devices to household appliances, his designs are attainable innovations informed by the needs and desires of users.

At Fitbit, Matt works with teams of passionate and inspired designers, researchers, and strategists who use their creative talents every day to help people lead healthier, better lives.

Before joining Fitbit as the Global Head of User Experience, Matt held design leadership positions at HTC, Smart Design, Method, Metadesign, Sapient, and frog design.


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