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CHICAGO: Envisioning Multichannel Experiences our Customers Will Need, Want and Expect in the Future

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Matthew Doty, Head of Strategic Experience Design, Best Buy

TOPIC: Multichannel innovation isn’t cheap or easy. The stakes are particularly high when it comes to deciding where and when to invest. If we don’t innovate and invest, we can’t possibly dream of remaining competitive in the marketplace! At the same time, if we launch innovations our customers won’t embrace, we can kiss our competitive advantage goodbye! Wouldn’t it be great if we could peek just a little into future and get a sense for what experiences our customers will need want and expect? Well, this is exactly what Best Buy’s Strategic Experience Design team is doing. Join Matthew Doty (Head of Best Buy’s Strategic Experience Design Team) as he discusses how his team is helping Best Buy understand and embrace Human-Centered Design as a foundation for strategic, multichannel innovation; apply to join today.