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Putting the Experience First: XD Challenges for 2019

Matthew Stephens, VP of Design at The Zebra
Ryan Rumsey, Assistant Vice President, Experience Strategy at USAA
Michael Blakesley, Head of Design at RetailMeNot, Inc.

TOPIC: Putting the Experience First: XD Challenges for 2019

Customer Experience is still top of mind for both B2B and B2C businesses — trend reports have it ranked higher than personalization, content and even mobile. It’s no wonder when improved experiences are directly tied to customer retention, premium pricing, and seen as even more influential than advertising.

So how do you understand your customers and focus in on the right investments for 2019? Our panelists will discuss how they’re using customer insights to prioritized their efforts, how they’re removing roadblocks, and how they're planning on competing mainly on customer experience in the coming year., apply to join today.