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SEATTLE: Create MAGIC - Combining Design and Engineering to be Experience Driven


Kevin Schumacher


Create MAGIC – Combining Design and Engineering to be Experience-Drive

The Walt Disney Company seeks to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world. Kevin Schumacher leads UX in a world-class application team at the happiest job on earth, creating and designing applications that connect Disney guests worldwide. One of the ways Kevin improves experience is he works with his team to effectively integrate DESIGN and ENGINEERING.

  • Does your design team own a design system that gets rebuilt by the engineering team?

  • Does your organization have a vast array of Sketch and Framer artifacts that have never been built or used, let alone re-used?

Come and learn how designs can be integrated fully and part of the agile and iterative development process. Join other Experience-Driven leaders in discussing how we might take our ideas out of design silos and integrate them into the project board permanently; apply to join today.