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DALLAS: Launching Customer Experiences to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

With experience becoming ever more important to businesses, we’re taking XD's first meeting of 2018 to reflect on 2017, and look into 2018 and beyond. Our panel of experience leaders will discuss topics around improving your CX, integrating customer learning into the Agile process, prioritizing your efforts to deliver the best possible experiences, and more. In this Q&A format, it's your opportunity to pick our panelists' minds and tap into the power of Dallas' experience-driven leaders.

Moderator, Jeremy Johnson, VP of Customer Experience, projekt202
Daniel Hall - Chief UX Designer, Toyota
Greg Colandrea - Chief Information Officer, YPO
James Helms - Design Leader, Intuit Proconnect
Margot Daniel - Director of Digital Customer Experiences, ADT
Rachel Meyer - Director of Integrated Customer Experiences, Pizza Hut
Ray Ann Cacheria - Chief Information Officer, Ryan, LLC