Senior Director - Technology and Innovation at AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group

Mark Kraemer is the Senior Director for Technology and Innovation at AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group. He applies his strategy skills and user experience background to create experiences that attract, engage, and retain customers.

Over the past year Mark lead the 80+ members of the Provider Technologies application teams through a significant change in the way they manage their products and deliver software. Through the adoption of the “Scaled Agile Framework” each team has seen significant improvements in both productivity and morale. Customers have been pleased to see more predictable releases with zero major defects. All of these benefits are direct results from the culture and processes that changed with agile software delivery process.

Prior to joining ABSG, Mark established the User Experience practice at Credera where he provided sales and delivery leadership for projects with clients in a wide variety of industries.

Mark earned his bachelors business administration degree in management information systems from the University of Texas at Austin and he regularly returns to campus to lecture for undergraduate classes.

Skills and expertise include: 
• Works as an effective business strategist with a user-centric approach to defining sound business strategy, tactical objectives and specific requirements
• Creates compelling visual demonstrations and proof-of-concepts
• Is a talented visual designer with a keen understanding of corporate visual style, web-browser capabilities/constraints, and usability

• Leads as a highly-effective “product owner” for scrum-based software development
• Implements responsive web design and other web-standards best practices
• Has an extensive portfolio of custom application and content management user interface designs developed for many Fortune 1000 companies
• Meeting facilitation and visual note taking for group meetings
• Empathetic mentor and career counselor