Communicating Design Value to Business Leaders; Perception is Everything


Ryan Rumsey, Assistant Vice President, Experience Strategy at USAA



With the popularity of Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Human-Centered Design, and the business impact that design has created for companies like Apple, Intuit, Ford, Nike, Whirlpool and Domino’s, design has earned its seat at the table.

With great success, however, comes greater expectations. As design leaders have taken their seats, built organizations to support them, and incorporated design into organizational ways of working, business leaders continue to struggle with understanding the value that design brings to everyday processes, funding decisions, resource allocation, and overall business viability. At this table, design leaders are often outmatched by their counterparts in articulating the value of design while design work is going on. Without being able to clearly articulate that value, design leaders run the risk of being pushed back into service line or peripheral entities.

In this talk, Ryan reviews his approaches to connect design success to business success, to use design skills to develop business potential, and to justify design keeping a seat at the table.


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