Video: Beyond Compliance -- Making the Case for Accessibility


Seda Maurer
Accessibility Program Manager, CPACC


Beyond Compliance — Making the Case for Accessibility

Accessibility insights lead to innovation. Accessibility offers many advantages and opportunities such as:

  • future-proofing code

  • creating human-centric and empathetic designs

  • building innovative products.

In fact, accessibility should be leveraged as an overall strategy for your organization.


A Certified Professional of Accessibility Core Competencies, Seda Maurer has been instrumental in strategizing and leading the Accessibility Program at Sabre. This program gained Sabre the Partner of the Year Award by Knowbility in 2017.

Seda is a thorough leader in user experience and an advocate of Accessible and Universal Design. She believes that empathy is critical in designing inclusive and effective products.

Leveraging her extensive experience as a lead UX designer of enterprise-level applications and ecommerce websites, Seda introduces accessibility touchpoints in a product lifecycle process. She consults with product teams on accessibility requirements and auditing.

Seda has raised accessibility awareness at Sabre and mentored UX designers in becoming informed practitioners of Accessible Designs.

Seda enjoys mentoring and has presented talks on empathy and accessibility at the Big Design Conference, Access U, and local chapters of UXPA and Ladies that UX.

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